Sunday, 20 May 2012

City of Lost souls - Cassandra Clare


A great read. Book 5 of the Mortal Instrument Series will not disappoint. In The City of Lost Souls Jace is 'bound' to Sebastian. Kill one and the other dies. Sebastian asks and Jace obeys. Jace is Jace and yet Clary knows he's not the same Jace she loves. How can she break the tie that binds them together without killing her beloved Jace?
Love, Blood, Betrayal and Revenge as the next chapter in this series begins.
Look out for Book 6..will this be the conclusion?

Dark Eyes - William Richter


Fast paced action. A thriller that young adults will love. A story about adopted Wallis Stoneman who tries to find her birth mother. Little does she know that her path will cross with her real father who has jsut escaped from prison and will do anything to kill her mother.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Article 5 - Kisten Simmons

From the blurb: 'Seventeen year old Ember Miller cant remember the days before her new government, before the Moral Militia replaced the police, before the Moral Statutes and the constant , state of fear. In the three years since the war ended she has learned how to survive on food stamps and charity bin clothes, and to keep a low profile. That is, until her single mother is arrested for breaching Article 5 of the Moral Statutes. Now Ember must find her mother - and compliance to the authorities is the last thing on her mind'.

Fans of Hunger Games will love this book! I loved this book. A great story full of romance, despair and perhaps even triumph. Like Hunger Games it ends with the reader wanting more. I cant wait for Book 2 as we follow Ember and Chase's journey into the Resistance.

So Much Pretty - Cara Hoffman

A very Interesting Book!

From the Blurb: 'When nineteen year old waitress Wendy White disappears the small town of Haeden, New York, is shaken to its core. Nothing like this has ever happened in Haeden and, assuming that Wendy most likely ran away, the police make little headway with the case. But, six months later, Wendy's tortured body is found in the nearby woods. And she has only been dead a matter of days. Local reported Stacey Flynn knows that Wendy's case could be her big break. But with little help from the local police, she's forced to investigate alone and no one in the town is willing to talk about what happened.'

The review on the front of this book is spot on it reads 'A skilful, psychologically acute tale of how viloence effects a small town' Emphasis needs to be placed on the 'psychological'. It's a hard book to explain. A waitress goes missing and we weave between the past and present via each character. I like it but it's very 'different'.  At one stage, after the first few chapters, I thought about not reading it and I did skip pages. You could call this a speed read until I got to the second half of the book.
The ending wasnt satisfying. It was quite shocking in a way and left many unanswered questions but in another way it suited the way the book was written. Do I recommend it? Yes I do, but be ready for an interesting journey of 'love and loss' and 'vengeance and justice', or should I say 'injustice'.
Rate 3/5

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Private Peaceful - Michael Morpurgo

Warning: Tissues needed whilst reading this book!
Oh my gosh what a tear jerker. This is an amazing novel. A well written, thought provoking, emotional novel. Told by Private Tommo Peaceful 24 hours before his brother's execution for 'cowardness'. Tommo recounts moments of their lives leading up to the the amazing ending. We look at their lives, how they grew up and came to be where they are. Family life, death, and happy memories. You really get the sense of family and what their lives were like. A brother's love, Big Joe, Molly and Mother and how important they are to each other. The senslessness of war and the 'ugliness' of war are portrayed. It's unjust and unfair and the ending is heart breaking.
A Fabulous, fabulous Book!

Blood Magic - Tessa Gratton

An easy story to read. A story about Magic. A good magic that turns evil. A story about family secrets, magic and living forever. What happens when greed and love become all consuming passions?

Happy New Year !! and a post on 3 books - The Tiger Saga by Colleen Houck

The Tiger Saga

Tiger's Curse, Tiger's Quest and Tiger's Voyage.

What a Saga! Loved these books, a great series full of fatasy and the history of India. A love story between a girl and a white tiger that weaves its way across India, involving 2 brothers, a curse and a quest. It's engrossing although the love traingle got a little annoying and i couldnt help but compare it with the Twilight series 'love traingle'. With that comparison also came my annoyance with the main character and her 'Bella like' tendacies! The third book ended with me thinking ok where's the 4th, as it doesnt end here. Annoyance or not, of course I will have to read the 4th book so i can see if good triumphs over evil and also to see 'who gets the girl'.